REWORK are Michael Kuebler, Daniel Varga and Elmar Mellert and vocalist Ann-Kristin Danzinger, who released their first international club hits Love Love Love Yeah and You’re So Just Just on the Frankfurt-based techno institution Playhouse.
They describe their musical aesthetic as “new wave house” and combine icy minimal structures with catchy euro-girl vocals, Anglo-French funk antics and a dash of dance floor melancholy. Playhouse, My Favorite Robot, Items & Things, Visionquest and many others have all released their work, which includes four albums. Their latest album „Heat“ is another musical adventure filled with surprises and was released in August 2018 on My Favorite Robot Records.
Their tracks were remixed by artists like Trentemøller, Magda, Roman Flügel, Alter Ego, Losoul, Fur Coat, Paranoid London, Andrew Weatherall and many others. They appear also on various compilations like the legendary Richie Hawtins’s Closer To The Edit, Famous When Dead Compilations, Fabric DJ mixes and on Magda’s Balance 27 Mix.
REWORK are located in Berlin and Stuttgart. Last year REWORK teamed up with their new vocalist Ann-Kristin Danzinger from SHE LIES and Elmar Mellert, their long year friend and partner through out many outstanding club evemts.
In 2020 REWORK is going to release their full „Werkschau“, celebrating 20years REWORK with some special new tracks, some of their classics and edited tracks. The full pack will be released in June 2020 on their label exlove.