17.06.2021 11.07.2021
Lisa Biedlingmaier – STITCHES: Scènes, corps, décors Le Commun
Rue des Bains 28, 1205 Genève

Vernissage: 17. Juni // 17-21 Uhr

Stemming from the knot as the symbolic figure of connectivity and constraint, but also as the elementary pattern of fabric, the collective exhibition Stitches: Scènes, corps, décors looks at the use of this ductile technique in Switzerland’s artistic creation in recent decades. From suture stitch to sewing stitch, carnal and woven materials respond to each other, interweaving the private, scenic and social environment.

If the integration of textile in the 20th century’s art history constituted a major component in the reversal of the so-called ‘dominant categories’ – whether it be the upheaval of artistic and aesthetic hierarchies, feminist emancipation or Western decentering – what is the situation today?

Questioning the appeal of textile in contemporary art practices, as well as its subversive power, the exhibition reflects on the close relationship that this material holds with the body and its spaces of representation. By contrast and affinity, the works form ties and create a temporary joint ‘community’ that nourishes a formal yet tactile and narrative dialogue between abstraction and figuration, ready-made and know-how, stages, bodies and decors. More than 35 artists from different generations, emerging and established, meet in a nodal exhibition linking intimacy and extimacy, constraint and liberation, emancipation and domestication.

With: James Bantone, Pierrette Bloch, Mario Botta, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Gregory Bourrilly, Sarah Burger, Denise Emery, Sylvie Fleury, Gina Folly, Cee Füllemann, Vidya Gastaldon, Nicola Genovese, Maëlle Gross, Roman Gysin, Katharina Hohmann, Inner Light, Sophie Jung, Marjorie Kapelusz, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Deirde O’Leary, Céline Manz, Léa Katharina Meier, Julie Monot, Sandrine Pelletier, Mai-Thu Perret, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Sabrina Röthlisberger, Ugo Rondinone, Denis Savary, Roman Signer, Marco Simao, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Tobias Spichtig, Manon Wertenbroek

From Gabrielle Boder, Tadeo Kohan et Camille Regli

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